When Does the Pain Start?

Contrary to the popular belief that newborn babies do not feel pain, it is known that the neural network that will carry the pain sensation matures in a 27-week-old baby in the womb. Of course, the process that we call “cerebral maturation” , this is to say that maturation of the brain until the age of 21 is decisive for the bodily and spiritual responses associated with pain.

Enduring Pain? Being Addicted to Pain Killers? Third Way?

Years ago, in 1965, two important scientists named Ronald Melzack and Patrick D Wall made a great revolution with their study named "Gate Control Theory", which was accepted as the cornerstone in explaining the pain mechanism.

Are There More Headaches in Painstaking and Depressive Individuals or do the People Experiencing Frequent Headaches Become More Depressive?

One of the most productive seeds falling into the wedding chest from the migraine genetic pool is undoubtedly the seed of psychological disorders that grow in different

Migraine or Sinusitis?

I never liked the diagnosis of sinusitis as a person who spent his childhood by visiting a doctor for a headache, hating his headache with the pain of dozens of penicillin-like needles after the diagnosis of “sinusitis ” I heard every time.

I understand my headache but what happens to the rest of my body?

“Fibromyalgia", or as it is known by the public with the name muscle romatism, is a very common problem with widespread and wandering body aches, chronic fatigue, perception difficulties, affective problems and

Recommendations for Reducing the Factors That Trigger Migraine

The most accurate treatment and way to get rid of migraine is to determine where the problem is in your body and eliminate it, just like a detective.

Is There a Link Between Migraine and Stroke?

The characteristic of migraine with aura is that the risk of stroke is seen more frequently than other migraines. This risk is even higher in women who smoke and use birth control pills.

What Treatments Are There for Migraine?

To date, there is almost no untested treatment for migraine headaches. Now even when you say I tried everything, go online and you will come across a lot of different new treatments.

When Should I Suspect Migraine in My Child?

Although migraine is common in childhood, it is often not easy to recognize. Some tips can attract the attention of mothers and fathers and make it easier for them to consult a doctor.

What is migraine with aura?

Before the migraine pain starts, people may sometimes have messenger symptoms that we call "aura". One out of 4 people with migraine have an aura.