Initially the main aim of the Turkish-African Meeting of Headache and Pain Management was to promote the cooperation and interactions among IHS, Headache societies across African countries and Turkey; to educate young clinicians in Pan Africa; to increase skills for and knowledge about headache and pain management, to learn more about the current conditions and requirements for headache in African countries. Later the meeting was expanded to other countries in MENA and Asian region as well. Prof Hayrunisa Bolay undertook the main role in education organization. Later on together with Hayrunisa Bolay GPMS took over this organization under the leadership of Prof Aynur Ozge, Prof Derya Uluduz and Prof Betul Baykan.

The first MENA meeting for African countries was organized as Turkish African Meeting of Headache and Pain Management in Istanbul, 3-7 May 2015. The first meeting was attended by 80 neurologists from 10 different counties, Botswana, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritus Island, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan. See details 

After the first meeting several webinars continued with the participation of the people from African region.

Meetings followed each other. Second MENA organized in Marakesh in April 2017 and African Countries beyond MENA participated.See details 

Third meeting was held in Cairo in October 2018.

The 4th meeting was held in October 2020 in Antalya and countries from MENA region and from East Europe, Asia, Arabic continent Subsaharan Africa were also participated. 

The 5th meeting was organized in October 2021 in Antalya. This time some Asian countries Nepal and Mongolia were also participated. You can check the videos of the meeting.

And the 6th meeting will be held in Antalya in November 2022. You can visit our website and for the meeting and see the program and all other details: