The vice president of GPMS Prof Derya Uluduz is also the core member of Lifting the Burden of headache group (LTB) supported by IHS. The vision of Lifting the Burden is a future world in which headache disorders are recognized everywhere as real, disabling and deserving of medical care. One of the objectives of the LTB is to know the size and nature of the headache problem in all regions of the world. Very little is known about the prevalence and burden of the headache disorders particularly in developing countries, Africa  and Asia. The first aim is to bring together all the published evidence of the burden attributable to headache and setting up new studies where the available evidence is lacking. Second objective is to persuade governments and other health service policy makers and people affected by headache that headache must have higher health care priority and increase the awareness.  LTB believes that the basis of the health care solutions for headache in many countries is education. Better diagnosis and better care will be fostered through education. The education materials include diagnostic aids, region based guidelines, information sheets for patients, to aid understanding and promote compliance with treatment and measures of treatment outcome.

Derya Uluduz is responsible for the pediatric headache education and national based pediatric headache studies. They visit many of the African countries and perform epidemiological studies and as well as headache education activities.